Monday, May 21, 2007

Long weekend... and the problems it causes

Well it is not a long weekend for me as Monday is my day off anyways and Sweetie is at work. I do get a stat lieu day, but I will take that on Saturday so that I can go to the 4th annual LASERTAG!! event with my church group. I'm so excited. I suck at it and sweetie will win again, but so what. I'll be out and I won't be at work. :)

Long weekend ... yesterday we went to Futureshop. I bought season one of Macgyver, and new earphones for my Ipod, and scrabble software. Bad thing... "long weekend sale". They just call it that, but it's not really a sale. It's just an excuse to get you to shop. So we took a huge list of movies/tv shows to download for later. My list is longer than his of course.

Today, while Sweetie is at work, I went to Toys R us. It is my niece's birthday at the end of the month and the thing that I bought, she already has. This is the hard part about being on the other end of the country.. it is hard to track them and their likes/dislikes and what they already have. It is a dangerous thing for me to go the Toy store.. as I will likely buy "cutesy" things that I shouldn't and probably games for me... I bought skip-bo, a reasonable purchase. Then... I went to Linen and Things to finish my registry. We have until August 5 of this year to get the discount on the registry... so I went. I had a 20% off one item coupon as well.. that was the French White Corningware set... Still... too much money. But we have it to spare.. but still that is why I hardly go shopping because I buy too much stuff that we sort of need but could do without.

Yesterday when we went to Futureshop, we also went to the Sears Home store where we looked at a couch. I have had a couch that I was given by a former co-worker. I got it when I moved into my own place. It was ok for apartment-living-as-a-single but it is time to get rid of it. So we looked at couches... pricey. We are looking for a sofabed/hideabed, but not too fancy. Preferably a couch that is long enough for sweetie (who is 6'6ish) to stretch out on. It is for our "rec" room so fancy is not really an issue. We found a nice one, but it wasn't so nice that we "loved" it. So we will keep looking. I think it was a good start though. I will have to stay away from the stores for a bit, unless it is for groceries or the garden.

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