Saturday, May 19, 2007

Ever get that feeling...

Ever get the feeling that you are working too much and not getting too much done? That is how I feel lately. I am running out of energy despite weekends off or retreat days that we've had, and sometimes I feel like I am at work too much.. even on my days off (my choice .. special meetings).
I was on call last night and got called in. Got home at midnite and then got up to go back for 9. Tiring.

I have decided that I will stop singing in the choir for the rest of this season. We have 3 sundays left. I'm not really liking the songs as I can't seem to figure out my "new" alto parts, and other songs I learned as soprano and now I have to "unlearn" that part and re learn as alto. Singing used to be the joy of my heart, but I think that since I am so tired that I can't find the joy at the moment.
When ministry becomes a chore, another meeting, another actitivy that you do, it is easy to get burnt out. So I will take a break and start again in September (unless my life takes another turn in some other way, such as my work schedule..)

I still have not finished my garden!! I was going to do more work last night, but it is Vancouver and so not surprisingly, it was raining. So hopefully the weather will clear up tomorrow and I can "conscript" hubby into helping me. I'm just worried that the flowers I've planted will die soon and then I have wasted more money on "shiny" things.

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