Monday, April 23, 2007

What... an annoying day!!

So I was asked to pick up a gift for someone from a store in Kits. That is about 40-45 minutes from my place. I agreed as I have the day off and needed to go do errands anyhow. Imagine my frustrationg when I get there (after getting lost because I thought I would take a "shortcut" which actually turned into a detour) and find that the store looks like this, and there is a note stating it is bankrupt and that items removed are illegal. So.. this is an uncommon store and there aren't many like it.. so I call my husband and someone else. There is little I can do.. so I do an errand in this part of town and go home to make meatballs for the choir party on Thursday. I have never made this recipe before. I have all the ingredients, stopped in 2 different stores, lug it all up the stairs from the car only to discover that the recipe says 3-4 onions of which I have none. So I call my mother long-distance to ask the cooking question... can I use onion powder instead? She advised me not to make the full recipe (as it was 12 pounds of ground beef) and it is ok to use the onion powder but the flavor will be different.
So I do this. Finish 2 pans and run out the door to a meeting, getting lost again trying to take a "shortcut" even more embarassing because I could have walked the 3 blocks there....

Anyhow, I have finished packing the meatballs to finish on Thursday and started brownies. I still have to make rice krispie squares and figure out something different like fruit, as this is dessert for a function on Friday.

And ... I still haven't thought about supper and it is 5:30. Sweetie will be home soon, and we have to go to a meeting. I am tired and don't want to go ANYwhere.. we'll see what gets done.

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