Thursday, April 19, 2007


Today I went to the Army and Navy for their annual shoe sale. I first went 2 years ago with my friend who has many and loves shoes a lot. Last year, we had a bunch and were trying them on and this woman grabbed the shoes from my friend. They argued. The woman said that she had them first and that my friend had taken them from her pile. There had been a massive pile of shoes and it was not one person's mess. In the end, the woman took them from my friend and left. This may not be exactly how it happened but most people will agree that this sale of designer shoes tends to be a mad house.
I went by my self this time and bought 5 pairs. 4 in the same style but different colors. I have often wished I had bought the same time (whatever clothing item it was) in a different color. So that is what I did today. Hopefully I actually wear them.

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