Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Annoying day ... part 2

Today I had to figure out where to go for the gift as the original store went into recievership 2 weeks ago. First I had to ask someone what kind of store it was, so that I could figure out something similar. One of my co-workers suggested a store that was further down the street where now defunct store is. So I went there after work, the opposite direction from where I live or work, and decided I should check it out before I just get the gift certificate. It is a store that specializes in spirituality items, books, art, music, etc. Smells very strong in there,but the book selection was good. I bought 3 books cheap, and then hopped on a bus that said "station" and had no idea where it was going, but I figured it would take me to a skytrain station somewhere. It did. Took me to a station at the end of the line and I had to switch trains. Then my sweetie phoned when I was 2 stations away from home to say that he was going to the mall (at the 2 stations away) so I met him at my station and went back to mall. We bought had to pick stuff up.
Been a long day, but better. I suppose because I didn't have expectations to accomplish something specific.

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