Friday, March 23, 2007

Movie: Music and Lyrics

Today I came home and decided that I wanted to go out. I did not want to cook and well, felt like doing something different. I am on call on Saturday evenings, so going out is not really an option. Sweetie picked the last movie so it was my turn to pick. I wanted to see "Music and Lyrics" but wasn't sure that it was "theatre worthy" or rental/download. Well it was GREAT!! Even Sweetie liked it. I remember seeing my first Hugh Grant movie way back when. It was "4 Weddings and a Funeral". Aside from the first wedding scene where he is late, the rest of the movie was not really that good. I have seen a few more with Hugh Grant, and he is a good actor. Add to the fact that Drew rocks in pretty much every movie she has done (that I have seen, although "Homefries" wasn't so great) this movie, Music and Lyrics was great. There were some famous name people in it, but Drew and Hugh steal the show. Especially the beginning, when they featured his 1984 POP video.
Check out the hair!! He wears tight pants for most of this movie. Not at all what I would expect from him. But good movie. One of the lines was Drew's character, Sarah, explaining to Alex (Hugh's character) her view/definition of music. "The melody is what attracts you , but the verse is where the flow is, where you learn to love that person. Where the love grows" or something to that effect. This is the essence of music. Perhaps that is why music speaks louder than words at times.

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