Friday, March 23, 2007


So yesterday on my way to choir, I got pulled over by the cops. In the alley of the church no less!! I was so .. I don't know what... as it has been a while since I have been pulled over. 2 get out of the car. It is a dark and rainy night.

"Do you know why I have pulled you over, m'am?"
"Well, because I... mumbling... No, (louder) not exactly."
"You went through a red light back there. Red means stop. It doesn't mean stop and then 2 more cars so through."
"Oh yes. I understand. I thought it was yellow ..."
"Yellow also means stop m'am. That way you have enough time to slow down and stop. You shouldn't be doing that. And especially not on a night like this. When it is dark and raining. That is how people get hurt, especially here in downtown."
I nod. "Yes I understand. I have never done that before."
(I had my hand wrapped around my license, expecting him to request for a ticket. So he takes the license and goes to his car after asking me who owns this car. "Me. Well my husband and me." In the mean time, around car with flashing lights, but ghost car, has pulled up behind and is talking to the other partner. "Oh Lord." I think. "At least turn off the flashers please.")
The cop comes back. Hands me my license and nothing else.
"Please don't do that again."
"No. Thank you." I am not sure what to do now. Isn't he going to give me a ticket? I guess he checked it for form's sake. Or he sees that I am clean in BC. So I slowly drive up the alley a few meters and park in the church parking lot.
I had a hard time to concentrate on rehearsal...

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