Friday, January 12, 2007

Winter blahs

This month, I have been things that aren't typical for Vancouver in winter. I have seen snow. Not in the mountains, where I prefer it stay, but in my backyard. It is at least a foot and windy and .. icky. Not fun. The main thing that you will notice, especially in the local news (and others) is the tear in the BC place. And then the roof was deflated so as to avoid further tears.

So I got home on Tuesday, and the power was out, forcing us to go forage for food at the local food court in a mall. We didn't know when the power would be restored so we stayed to spend time at a movie. We saw Night at the Museum. I had wanted to see that one butgot distracted by DreamGirls and Happily N'Ever After. It was WAY better than Happily.... I was pleasantly surprised to see Mickey Rooney and Dick Van Dyke. I knew that Robin Williams was in it, but did not know about the others. Loved it. Go see it or rent it when it comes out.

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