Friday, January 26, 2007

Wierd news

An Oregon woman says a neighborhood cat was stealing cat food from her garage, but she couldn't catch the thief.
After one too many trips to the cat bowl he ended up stuck in her doggy door. Jack Penning has the story of the 20 plus pound cat. Jadwiga Drozdek adores her kitties. Six of them in all.They burn through food."Extra food we have in the garage for the cats."But Jadwiga knew it shouldn't go this fast."Probably four months ago we recognized that the food was disappearing very quick. We said, 'Gosh, you know, they're always eating the same amount, so I don't understand why.'"It had to be another cat..."And this is the back door."Coming-in through the doggie-door.But no matter what Jadwiga did, she couldn't catch the culprit.This is until the culprit's eating caught up with him."And come to the door with the belly. He was stuck!"Tightly wedged into the doggie door was "Goliath.""Hilarious! And I was looking and I was laughing! I was like, what's he trying to accomplish!"He couldn't get himself out.All that eating pushed him up to a comfy 20-pounds.The free smorgasbord eventually led to his capture."My husband says it's your fault cause you decided to put it in the garage."Jadwiga took Goliath to the humane society where he's settling-in. Vets say he perfectly healthy, even though he could lose a few pounds.Now he just waits for someone to come get him. Dreaming of some new and exotic kitty buffet.

Other Fat Cats How can people let their cats get this big? How do they move?

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