Sunday, January 21, 2007

My Collection

Last year, my mother sent me my "inheritance" from my father's aunt. She was like my Grandma. Mom sent it with instructions that I "was to buy a piece of art, china or keepsake to remind me of Tante". I originally had wanted a painting or photo of two sets of hands -- One older with wrinkles, and one younger. But I have decided that the latest figurine that I have bought, Generations, reflects her well.

For those you who don't know, I collect Willow Tree. It started with the Heart and Soul figurine, and then people gave me angels for ordination presents, and it went from there. I don't really care for angels per se. But I seem to have a lot of figurines in my collection.

Happiness Figurine
Heart and Soul - "Open hearts, sharing souls, trusted friends
Heart of Gold
Love - "Love, everlasting and true
Together - "For those who have found their true partner in love and life
Wisdom - "A lifelong love of learning
Angel of Prayer
Angel of Christmas Spirit
Angel of Spring
Angel of Summer
Angel of Healing
Welcoming Angel
Nativity MARY & JOSEPH Set - 6 Pieces - "Behold the awe and wonder of the Christmas story - 2" tall to 9.5" tall - you get Mary with Holy Baby, Joseph, a shepherd & lamb, two more lambs, and a donkey


I know that you are supposed to buy them for specific meanings, etc. Sometimes I buy them because they are "cute" or because they are rare -- I had not seen the Angel of Christmas Spirit before. I bought the Nativity scene on sale as well as buying the figurine "Love". I almost bought "Peace", but with the dove, I thought it looked a bit like "Happiness".
We have a display case for them, with an overhead light. But there's still room, contrary to husband's thinking.

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