Saturday, January 27, 2007


Monday is my birthday!! No I have never been very good and keeping it to myself. EVERYONE knows because I tell them. When I moved here to Vancouver, I turned 29 and was depressed because I was alone and didn't really know anyone here. Since then, I decided to throw myself a party. One year we went bowling and played pool. This year I decided a restaurant and my house for board games and cake. So I booked a restaurant for tonight. Last night, my inlaws came over and brought a DQ cake, another Willow tree (yippee) and a huge, heavy box that I later discovered was a set of folding trays. Perfect for patio use and entertaining as it is a long reach to my coffee table from one of my couches in the living room.
Well, must go. It is soon party time. And I found my husband's anniversary present on sale. (I know it is odd. Buying an anniversary present that is 8 months away when it your birthday like tomorrowish. but a sale is a sale.)

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